JWD: Nothing Underneath (1985)

With out a doubt a verry sexy (and exstremely 80’s) giallo about these hot supermodels in Milan that is getting killed off by a mysterious killer. One of the most populare of the bunch has gone missing, right in front her twin-Brother, but he,s waaay over in Wyoming, the US, and Works as a forest-ranger.

You see these twins have a telepathic conection. He travels to Italy where he teams up With non other then a tired over-worked Donald Plesence and together they get closer and closer to solve the mystery. 

Personly, i was not verry impressed by this giallo. I found it to be boring, dragy and it more or less reaked of bad cheese.

But still, i was really suprised towards the end when the climax started to kick inn. I really enjoyed that part and it was fucking creepy, i actually got goosebums.

(You can get a more detailed review of this flik in my video-review)


Org. posted on Facebook 8. sept 2014