JWD: Motel Hell (1980)

Heeey you guys! Saw this backwood flick to night, and a good one too! This redneck pig-farmer and motel owner Vincent, and his retarded baby sister Ida like to capture people who drives by to make delicous food of them. Burries them like vegetables, and cut off their vocal cords. I enjoyed it, with a few beers of course!

Nice redneck-feeling, and cheesy characters. It took my a little while to get into this movie, i hoped it would be easier. Maybe it,s becose i dident realize it was a horror-comedi before half way into the movie. And after it was done i dident quite know if i liked it or not.

Well, but after i slept on it i found out that i liked it more then i did last night when i saw it.

It reminde… me alot of Texas Chansaw Massacre 2, only that Motel Hell was shot several years before TCM2. It,s not verry gory (though you get some cool blood and bodyparts), it has a cool early 80’s atmosphere and nostalgia that i love and it really works as a horror-comedi.

If you like 80’s horror or horror-comedi check this cult-classic out!


Mix-reviewed by Mathias & Henrik-B