JWD: House on Haunted Hill (1959)

The charismatic legendary actor Vincent Price playes this house owner who ownes a huge Palace-like mansion. He invites a bunch of…”friends” to spend the night and if any of them surives the night, they will get a surten amount of money.

You see, the house on Haunted hill is of cours…hunted, by agressive ghosts or poltergeists and several other people is seposed to have diede in the house, it think the number was seven, was getting kinda drunk. But is it really haunted or is someone playing a game or maybe both..?

One thing is for sure, when there is money in the game, people only think about themselves. This oldass classic was not only atmospheric but also suprisingly eerie and creepy to watch.

A really worth while ‘Haunted house-horror film’ and i was glad i watched it in color, couse the black & white version looks kinda boring and a little to old fashioned for my taste. A perfect Choice for a dark Autumns evening.