JWD: Hora (2009)

‘The Whore’, is a Norwegian, so-called Grindhouse and ‘Rape/Revenge’ (exploitation) Movie. To be honest, it’s actually a re-make of the cult- classic, ‘I SPIT ON YOURE’ GRAVE’ (1978) and it was actually shot before the American 2010-remake.

horaIf you’ve seen ‘I Spit On Youre Grave’, you know the story. In ‘Hora’, we follow Rikke (Isabel Vibe, who is most likely a Norwegian porn-star, but wich i’ve have never heard of) on her Journy to Dokka, where her deceased mother’s cabin is located.

Rikke dont mean to be, but she’s a fucking tease, hot as the summer, and she is soon noticed by some of the local rednecks; a Dane, a mentaly challanged gye who Works in the local store and the leader; a slick sleazbag who talks “snorsks”, a hybrid between Norwegain and Swedish dialect. Rikke is raped, beathen and humiliated again and again, turning her into an angle of Vengeance. Director ‘Reinert Kill’, Plays on cheesy charaters and really, really akward Music and dialogs, wich add’s a little humor to the flik.

The Movie is also creepy and disturbing. I think this Movie actually Works and was i entertained. A little slow at times, but that didnt’ hurt, at least not in this Movie..


I JWD’d the sequel too; Inside the Whore