JWD: Cannibal Apocalypse (1980)

There is this Nam-vets right, who has been taken captives by the Vietnamese and they are sitting in this hole doing shit…oh, and eating human flesh when it’s thrown Down to them, or when some poor jasper is unfortunate enough to fall Down there.

The vets are fortunate enough to be rescued by they’re captain or at least some kind of soldier-boss, which is John Saxon, tough he is bitten by the flesh-hungry vets during the rescue. Safe at home the vets ones again becomes hungry and takes a little bite here and there, which results in a minor cannibal-epidemic. No no, not zombies, cannibals, and every new-born cannibal knows if you are and will then become friends and will talk rasjonal to each other about sticking togheter and how to get more bites of human-flesh.

I was kinda bored the first half houre of the movie but suddenly it kicks of and i got a pretty entetaining cocktail of violence, gore and cheese (speaking of cheese, be on the look out for the akward motorbike-gang who has nothing better to do).

I kinda remember the soundtrack to be creepy and atmosphereic but i was gettn’ kinda drunk. oh oh…and be also on the look out for the insaine acting, performed by actor; Giovanni Lombardo Radice (‘City of the living dead, ‘House at the edge of the park’).

Oh, oh, and it’s apparently also know as ‘Inavsion Of The Flesh Hunters’.