JWD: Bride of Frank (1996)

Meet Frank. An old worn out street-hobo with an obsession for titties and some gory killing on the side.

Frank now and then works at this paper-factory and is well liked by his boss. Frank gets new teeth and gets to live in the office area while there is work for him in the factory. The gyes at work are good to him and throws him a birthday-party and takes him out to a slezy stripp-Club, even though his so-called best friend ,Johnny, is alwasy yelling him up and down.

Man, this was some ride! Must be one of the sickest and sleaziest movies i,v ever seen and i loved each minute of it and all the out of this world-characters. I couldent help getting some Troma-Vibes, the way this flik was made and do to the dirty and slezy urban locations. It kinda reminded me of movies like ‘Combat Shock’, ‘Terror-Firmer’ and even ‘Hobo With A Shotgun (not a Troma movie), in a way.

But if we stripp away the gore, the sick Troma-like humor and all the questionable repulsive random shit that happens in this movie, we actually got a warm and touching drama about our friend, Frank, who tries to find his place in this world.

Cool youre beers and get ready for this strang, akward, appealing and disgusting movie. I wanna see it again right now.