JWD: Puppet Master 5 (1994)

The cheese guye Rick from PM-4 is the New puppet master and reveals the Secret of Toulon’s puppets to Dr. Jennings, the new director of -Artificial Intelligence, that Rick is working for.

puppet coverDr. Jennings get’s verry interested and collects a bunch of though-gyes With long hair and leather-jackets and stuff and breaksĀ into the hotell where Rick and the puppets are living, to steal the puppets for his own benefits. But who will get who. Or rather who will get the though gyes and Dr. Jennings; The puppets or the New totem sendt by Sutekh (the Egyptic kinda rubber-devil).

I liked this cheesy-as fuck puppet master Movie (though not as chesse as PM-4), but it’s the least best of the bunch i’v seen so far and i was actually a little bored to. And there is scene in this movie, an elevator-scene where the most awfully- cheesy elevator- Music is playing, i mean god, what were they thinking?

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Originally posted on Facebook 6. sept 2014