JWD: Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965)

So, my first Russ Meyer-experience…and how was it!? It was pretty cool, man!

Ok, so this is what i catched up; There is these is three crule bad-ass bitches (The leader and ‘asian’ girl, the Russian girl and the smiling American girl), right, who is crusing around in the desert and they love speed…and being Wild.

Sudenly another car stops and out jumps this gye and his young little bikini-hottie. Ok, they race the gye, put him out of his misery and kidnap the little bikini-babe, for fun i guess and hit the road… i mean desert.

They meet some interesting characters on the way, including an interesting gas-station worker, before they end up at this farm house out in the wast desert that houses this ‘Texas Chainsaw’-like family (Im sure Tobe Hooper must have been a little inspired by this flik, when he made Texa Chainsaw Massacre’.

The BIG-breasted bad-girls (and they’re bikini-hostage) are invited for dinner and falls in love With one of the sons, a hansome well-builed, seposed to be retared gye.

For some reason the girls know there is Money in the house and strarts to look for it, while the evil Pa (a cool refelctive charater. in his weelchair tryes to found a way to kill em’…they have killed attractive women before.